envelope en‧ve‧lope [ˈenvələʊp ǁ -loʊp] noun [countable]
a thin paper cover in which you put a letter
ˌpadded ˈenvelope
an envelope filled with soft material that is used for sending things which can easily be damaged
ˌself adˌdressed ˈenvelope written abbreviation sae
an envelope that you put your own name and address on
ˌself adˌdressed ˌstamped ˈenvelope written abbreviation sase
an envelope that you put your name, address, and a stamp on, so that someone can send you something
ˌstamped adˌdressed ˈenvelope written abbreviation sae
an envelope that you put your name, address, and a stamp on, so that someone can send you something

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envelope UK US /ˈenvələʊp/ noun [C] WORKPLACE
a flat, usually square or rectangular, paper container for a letter: »

a brown/manila envelope


a sealed envelope

a flat, usually square or rectangular, plastic container used for keeping papers in: »

The papers were handed to me in a transparent plastic envelope.

push the envelope — Cf. push the envelope
See also PADDED ENVELOPE(Cf. ↑padded envelope), PRE-PAID ENVELOPE(Cf. ↑pre-paid envelope), SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE(Cf. ↑self-addressed envelope), SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE(Cf. ↑self-addressed stamped envelope), STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE(Cf. ↑stamped addressed envelope)

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